Alum Rock Counseling Center

Alum Rock pictureOrganization Mission: Alum Rock Counseling Center address the damage of family conflict, school failure and delinquency among high-risk youth and their families, producing responsible community members and a healthier, more vibrant Santa Clara County.

Mental Health Services: Alum Rock Counseling Center offers mental health/behavioral health services including: assessment, treatment planning, therapy, and referral. Our program includes early childhood visitation / therapy, prevention and early intervention. As well as a proud parenting program and child abuse prevention. We also offer middle school mentoring & support, competency development services to first time juvenile offenders and truancy abatement. In situation of crisis we provide mobile crisis response / intervention counseling, and post crisis counseling.Services are delivered at our clinic, in the home and in local schools.

Language Capacity: Our language capacity includes: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Departments Contracted With: Department of Mental Health, Department of Probation, Department of Social Services, City of San Jose

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