Pathway Society

Pathway PictureOrganization Mission: Pathway Society, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation established in 1964 in the State of California to promote individual and community wellness. Our mission is to deliver information, education, intervention, and treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse, mental health, and related diagnoses. During our 48 year history, Pathway has innovated and utilized evidence-based approaches to better meet client needs while working collaboratively with agencies and community organizations. Services are client-centered, clinically driven, and delivered in a culturally-responsive and competent way. Pathway Society, Inc. is licensed and certified by the State of California.

Drug and Alcohol Services for Criminal Justice System: Pathway House Adult Residential (coed/criminal justice); Pathway- Mariposa Lodge Adult Residential (women only/criminal justice); Transitional Housing Units (six in San Jose and two in Gilroy for men, women/criminal justice); Adult Outpatient Program (coed/criminal justice in South County); James Ranch (adjudicated youth, County Probation); Family Wellness Program (families/bi-lingual-bi-cultural).

Other Drug and Alcohol Services: Pathway provides in-patient and outpatient residential and detoxification drug and alcohol services and programs for adults. We provide both short and long term residential treatment. Each type of treatment stay provides a highly structured environment that incorporates assessments, counseling, drug testing, treatment and transitional housing.

Other System of Care or Related Services: Pathway provides detoxification services for adult system of care (ASOC) and criminal justice referrals including AB109 Reentry Services. Other related services include local and county medical and mental health systems.

Departments Contracted With: Department of Alcohol & Drug Services (DADS); Probation; Social Services Agency

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