Advent Group Ministries

Advent pictureOrganization Mission: Empowering people to restore relationships and break the destructive cycles of abuse and addiction through the hope and healing made possible by Christ’s love and Quality treatment.


Drug and Alcohol Services for Criminal Justice System: Our Step Up! outpatient program offers teens struggling with substance abuse intensive group therapy, recovery education, individual counseling and family therapy.

The Refuge provides a safe home for moms who seek to maintain their sobriety, overcome personal obstacles, become better parents and reunify with their children. Our Recovery Group Homes provide residential treatment for probation teens from Northern California Counties.

Other Drug and Alcohol Services: Our Recovery Group Homes provide residential treatment to addicted and emotionally distressed youth. Treatment includes daily group counseling, individual and family counseling, drug and alcohol education, schooling, twelve-step meetings and Equine therapy. All of the Advent drug and alcohol treatment programs incorporate evidence based practices.

Other System of Care or Related Services: Community mental health counseling center that offers counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and groups.

Departments Contracted With: Department of Alcohol & Drug Services (DADS); Probation; Social Services Agency; County Office of Education

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